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RUSSO-BALTOCEAN, LLC is the successor of the shipbuilding enterprise LLC NPO Albatross, which has long-standing partnerships with the owners and management of the international round-the-world sailing race "The Ocean Race". Until 2019, the race was owned by the Volvo Group and bore the name of this company. And now it is owned by Atlant Sports Group, which is headquartered in the Spanish city of Alicante. The Ocean Race is considered the world's most extreme and uncompromising sailing event. The regatta has earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious and arguably the harshest sport in the world. The RUSSO-BALT OCEAN company plans to create an International Marine Yacht Center in Kronstadt, as well as many other infrastructure facilities in the Kronstadt Special Economic Zone of a tourist and recreational type. This project is designed for more than 10 years. As we move forward, large Russian and foreign investors intend to join it.


Kronstadt International Marine Yacht Center

FAZISI. Return of the Legend

Global World Trip

In 2019 the Government of St. Petersburg and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum signed an agreement on creation of a new special economic zone of tourist-recreational type on the island of Kotlin (Kronstadt city). Kronstadt is the historical naval capital of the Russian fleet. This is an ideal place for the revival of Russian sailing traditions, the development of yachting, cruise and private tourism, organizing competitions in rowing, sailing, motor and other water sports.



Unfortunately, the current state of the city's yacht infrastructure on the water clearly does not correspond to the status of the sea capital of Russia, as a result of which St. Petersburg is losing its prestige, traditions, investments and income. According to experts, these losses amount to at least 20 billion rubles a year. In St. Petersburg, there are many problems that hinder the development of sailing and yachting tourism: there is no infrastructure, nowhere to moor, no gas stations, no maintenance. There are also difficulties with customs clearance. That is why many are afraid to come to St. Petersburg, as it is difficult and quite expensive.



LLC "RUSSO-BALT OCEAN" acts as the initiator and organizer of the project to create in St. Petersburg (the city of Kronstadt), in the water area of the Gulf of Finland, in the Kronstadt Special Economic Zone, a modern International Marine Yacht Center that meets world sailing standards. In terms of its geolocation, quality of infrastructure and services provided, this center will fully meet the requirements of international ocean sailing competitions, the growing interest in international cruise and yacht tourism in Russia. Read more… 

On September 2, 1989 in the British Southampton the most prestigious round-the-world regatta on sailing yachts "Whitbread Round the World Race" was launched. Established in 1973, known as "VOLVO Ocean Race" from 1997 to 2019, the regatta was renamed "The Ocean Race" in 2019. It is a sports event where professionals from multinational teams from all over the world compete. The race has earned a reputation as one of the world's most prestigious and honorable sporting events and arguably the world's most severe sporting event.


"The Ocean Race" round-the-world sailing race is considered an extreme and uncompromising world competition, belongs to the sport of the highest achievements, therefore, the strongest racers of the world - Olympic champions, triumphants of world and national championships - are gathered here. The world's best yachtsmen feel honored to climb this Everest of sailing. Among the 23 participants was a Soviet racing ocean-going yacht, a debutant named FAZISI. Read more… 

On October 1st, 2022, off-road round-the-world expedition Global World Trip on 4 off road cars starts from the Palace Square of St. Petersburg (or the Anchor Square of Kronstadt). The route will cover all 6 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia). The total length of all stages will be over 320,000 km. Participants of the rally will visit all climatic zones, visit more than 120 countries and make several movements between the continents with their cars. The team plans to finish in the cultural capital of Russia not earlier than autumn 2024. Read more. . . 



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